Commercial Offices

Awarded by Built

- 100 m2 of bluestone was used to create the lobby space in stages

- Over 1900 m2 of wall tiles and 970 m2 of floor tiles were laid with screed and waterproofing to amenities spanning over several floors

- Staged works were completed over a year


Awarded by Multiplex

- Laid over 400 sqm of floor tiles to amenities and lobby floors

- Over 330 sqm of feature mosiacs to amenities

- Over 1000 m2 of wall tiles to amenities and kitchens

- Over 280 m2 of porcelain pavers on height adjustable Buzon Pods


Awarded by Built

- Supply and fix of over 2500m2 of ceramic wall and floor tiles to End of Trip Facilities, and 12 levels of amenities including screed and waterproofing

- Supply and fix of over 1000m2 of concrete pavers on height adjustable Buzon Pods

- Supply and fix of 300m2 of limestone flooring to lobby floors and walls